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Fisher Types 1098-EGR and 1098H-EGR regulators

Fisher Types 1098-EGR and 1098H-EGR regulators

Fisher Types 1098-EGR and 1098H-EGR regulators provide economical and accurate pressure control in a wide variety of applications; natural gas distribution systems; fuel gas supply to industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens, and mixers; and large commercial / industrial establishments such as shopping centers and schools. They are also used in plant air service and in liquid service.


Low Differential Applications—Can accurately control at pressure differentials as low as 1 psid / 70 mbar d

Precise Pressure Control—Provides stable and accurate downstream pressure control regardless of load changes or inlet pressure variations.

Quiet Operation—The Whisper Trim™ Cage option reduces noise by up to 30 dBa.

Easy In-Line Maintenance—Top entry design enables easier maintenance. Trim parts can be inspected, cleaned and replaced without removing the body from pipeline.

Absolutely No Atmospheric Bleed—Eliminates nuisance and wasteful bleed gas to atmosphere by utilizing a pilot-operated control system, which bleeds 100% of the gas to the downstream system.

High Turn Down Capability—The oversized diaphragm and linear cage allow for high turn down, providing superior pressure control in systems with large variations in downstream flow demand.

Tight Shutoff—A knife-edged metal plug and soft seat provide bubble tight shutoff for use in applications where positive shutoff is required such as dead-end systems.

Travel Indicator—Simplifies in-service inspection and system troubleshooting

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